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JOIN OUR CHAPTER AT OUR MONTHLY MEETING ON THE THIRD MONDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 9:30 am AT THE LOW CLUBHOUSE.  (June and December are exceptions when we have our picnic and Holiday Programs.)


Those under 50 can join as Associate Members!!

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  PRESIDENT                   Larry Eiben                         972-1847

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By Larry Eiben

On Monday, December 16, Locust Grove AARP Chapter 5239 celebrates the holiday season with a potluck luncheon.

We will gather at the Community Center by 11 am. Please arrive with your dish by that time so that we may set up the food. If your last name begins with A - O, please bring a main/side dish to share. If your last name begins with P - Z, please bring a dessert to share.

We will be entertained by two of our own, Madeline and Alex Salustri will bring us some Christmas Joy. This event will mark the end of our 21st year of service to the Community and provide the opportunity to show our support to 17 local charities.
"Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.