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Program at AARP 5239

By Madeline Salustri,
Publicity Chair AARP 5239

Can’t Hear on the Phone? Come to
AARP for Help!

AARP 5239 is excited to introduce a
cutting edge technology that aims to aid
Seniors. At our May 20 meeting, Rupali
Dewan, Business Development Manager
& Title IV ADA Specialist for Capital
Phone Company, will educate Seniors
about their Civil Right to participate in a
federally funded program. Ms Dewan has
held her current position for three years.
She will speak about the Caption Phone,
which is funded by the FCC (Federal
Communications System). The main
points of her presentation will be:

1. Explanation of the help available for those
who have hearing issues on the phone.

2. Demonstration of a phone device that will
help that problem in unique ways. It will
amplify the voice calling and will save that
communication so that you may read it as
it is spoken as well as recall it to read

3. Discussion of how you may qualify for one
of these phones.
So join us on Monday May

  Join us at 9:30 and enjoy breakfast treats, then enjoy the meeting at 10:00am.


  PRESIDENT                   Larry Eiben                         972-1847

  VICE PRESIDENT         Peggy Powell                   703-622-5401

  SECRETARY                  Lea LeBar                         540-693-7592

  TREASURER                 Dick Durphy                        972-3306

  DIRECTOR                     Karen Kovarik                    972-7866 

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  DIRECTOR                     Skip Poole                            972-7268

  DIRECTOR                     Pierre Payette                    972-0519               

  (PAST PRESIDENT)      Carolyn Durphy                  972-3306

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